Venom Skateboards Truck Risers - 1/8
Venom Skateboards Truck Risers - 1/8

Venom Skateboards Truck Risers - 1/8" - Red

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Check out our one stop shop for all things skateboard/longboard/cruiser riser pads! Here we have all the sizes you could need for your four-wheeled craft! All risers are made from tough PE plastic, so they won't absorb any of your pop for your flip tricks like the rubber versions can do! All risers have the universal truck holes drilled out so they will fit all trucks.

Read on for the full description of each:

1/8" Risers:

These are perfect for the skater that wants a little more ride height or wants to ride with 54mm - 57mm wheels. It gives that little extra height so you don't get wheel bite.

1/4" Risers:

The same as above but will help more if you are putting on bigger wheels around 56mm - 58mm, ideal for ramp skaters.

1/2" Risers:

Again, the same as the others, but these are the beasts! Ideal for anyone wishing to give their skateboard a real lift, especially if you are using 60mm+ wheels. These are made up of four of the 1/4" Risers, so you will get the best of both worlds if you want to go back to a 1/4" setup.

Angled Risers:

If you want to customise your ride, angled riser pads will give you a more personalised longboarding experience. The brand new Venom angled riser pads can change the way your board rides (for the better)!

Reduce wheel bite or give larger wheels more clearance. They can also be used to give your board more height if you prefer to be further from the ground when cruising around or change the sharpness of your turns.

For tighter turns, the thickest part of the riser pad should be facing out to either end of the board.

For slower turns, keep the thicker parts facing inwards towards the centre of the board.

Who would have thought that something so simple can give you so many options!

Size: 8.5mm – 14mm - 5 degrees angle

Main Colour: