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Looking for a unique and exhilarating way to get around? Look no further than Heelys! These innovative shoes combine the comfort of sneakers with the thrill of roller skating. With a hidden wheel in the heel, Heelys allow you to seamlessly transition from walking to gliding with just a shift of your weight. At Skatewarehouse, we offer a wide range of Heelys in various styles and sizes for kids and adults alike. Our Heelys are crafted with premium materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. Whether you're cruising through the park or rolling to the shops, Heelys will add an extra element of excitement to your daily adventures. Shop our selection of Heelys today and experience the joy of skating wherever you go. Don't miss out on the hottest trend in footwear – get your pair of Heelys now

Popular Shoe Sizes:
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Heelys X2 Snazzy X2 - Silver / Rainbow / Heart


Heelys Classic - Black / White / Multicolourcolour


Heelys X2 Snazzy X2 - Purple / Neon Pink Unicorn


Heelys X2 Classic X2 - Black / Blue / White


Heelys X2 Snazzy X2 - Black / Camo Shark


Heelys X2 Snazzy X2 - Navy / Blue / White


Heelys X2 Snazzy X2 - Purple / Multicolour / Rainbow


Heelys X2 Snazzy X2 - Black / Yellow / Red Flame


Heelys Classic - Red/Black


Heelys X2 Classic X2 - Black / Red Logo Canvas


Heelys X Simpsons Pro 20 Prints - Black / Cyan / Multicolour


Heelys X2 Pro 20 x2 BlueDenim / Blue / Rainbow


Heelys X Barbie Hustle - Denim / Pink / Rainbow


Heelys X2 Classic X2 - Black / Rainbow


Heelys X2 Split X2 - Pepperoni Pizza


Heelys Voyager - Black / Pink


Heelys Wowza - Black / Red


Heelys X Hello Kitty Reserve EX - Blue/White/Red/Yellow


Heelys X Guess King - Black/Silver