Surf Skates

Surf Skates are a type of cruiser skateboard also known as a carver board, they have a unique front truck that gives them amazing manoeuvrability, it feels like you're surfing on land! These Surf Skateboards are perfect for riders looking for a flowing, 'carvy' ride or surfers looking to improve technique. Super fun in skateparks, streets and open spaces, these boards really do replicate surfing. Carveboarding is a new trend of skateboarding that simulates the feeling of surfing. 

We're big surf skate fans here at skatewarehouse, we've got decades of skating and surfing experience, we've ridden and tested 100's of different surf skate brands and configurations over the years. As a result, we only stock the very best surfskate products available, if it doesn't ride like a surfboard we won't stock it!

We have a range of demo surf skates for you to 'try before you buy' at the warehouse in Devon, stop by and see what the hype is all about!

Total (67)

Mindless Surf Skate Pro Trucks 159mm - Raw


Mindless Surf Skate Carving Cruiser Board 30" - Black


Triton Signal Carver CX Complete Surf Skate Board - 9.75"


Triton Prismal Carver CX Complete Surf Skate Board - 9.75"


Triton Spectral Carver CX Complete Surf Skate Board - 9.75"


Mindless Longboards Viper Pro Wheels 65mm/82a - Black


Mindless Surf Skate Fish Tail White Surfskate Skateboard 29.5" x 9.75"


Carver Skateboards Channel Islands Happy Surf Skate 30.75" - CX Raw


Carver Skateboards Resin Surf Skate 31.0" - CX Raw


Carver Skateboards Firefly Surf Skate 30.25" - CX Raw


Carver Skateboards Channel Islands Fishbeard Surf Skate 29.25" - CX Raw


Carver Pipewrench Skate Tool