Complete Skateboards For Beginners

Looking for your first Skateboard setup? These Beginner Complete Skateboards are the perfect place to start, not just for kids & teenagers, they are designed for all beginner skateboarders and will help you pick up the basics quickly.

At Skatewarehouse, we stock 100's of Completes to suit every budget from big brands including Element, Enjoi, Zero, Almost, Primitive, Tony Hawk, Tricks, Birdhouse, Enuff, Venom and many more!

If you're not sure which Beginner Complete to buy please get in touch. We have years of experience, lots of useful knowledge and we'd love to help you pick out the right board. Just drop us a message or give us a call here at the skate shop.

Total (441)

Venom Junior Complete Skateboard - Ice Lolly - 7.25"


Venom Core Complete Skateboard


Venom Junior Complete Skateboard - Desert Viper - 7.25"


Venom Junior Complete Skateboard - Tag White - 7.25"


Venom Junior Complete Skateboard - Tag Rasta - 7.25"


Venom Pro Complete Skateboard - Teal Dip Logo - 8.0"


Venom Core Complete Skateboard - Splatter - 7.75"


Venom Core Skateboard Kit


Venom Pro Complete Skateboard - Spectrum - 8.0"


Venom Pro Complete Skateboard - Rasta Stain Fade - 8.0"


Venom Core Complete Skateboard - Scratch - 7.75"


Venom Core Complete Skateboard - Tag Rasta Black - 7.75"