Venom Rebuild Kit - Cylinder - Hard PURPLE 96a -
Venom Rebuild Kit - Cylinder - Hard PURPLE 96a -
Venom Rebuild Kit - Cylinder - Hard PURPLE 96a -

Venom Rebuild Kit - Cylinder - Hard PURPLE 96a

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Check our new Venom Anodised Truck Rebuild Kits. These kits are designed to give your trucks a fresh overhaul and a much smoother riding experience. They come with everything you need including the bushings, washers, nuts and speed rings. All colour coded to make your trucks look extra awesome!

Venom bushings make a great replacement for worn and tired bushings, or if you just fancy a different ride feeling. These high-quality bushings are made from polyurethane which allows your board to turn smoothly.

The cylinder bushings are the most common and versatile of all shaped bushings. The bottom 'cylinder' shaped bushing gives a much more stable ride. While the top 'conical' gives the rider the leaning potential.

Depending on your ride style pick the appropriate bushings. If you like your board super loose, or you are a younger rider, go with the soft bushings, if its support you're after, go for the harder ones.

Pack Contents:

2x Top conical bushings

2x Bottom Cylinder bushings

2x Top Bushing Washers

2x Bottom Bushing Washers

2x Pivot Cups

2x Kingpin Bolts

4x Truck Axle Bolts

8x Speed Rings

They come in a kit that will cover both trucks

Important! When installing bushings it is super important not to overtighten the kingpin nut, this will cause the bushing to over-compress and slip out of the retaining cup which will permanently damage the bushing. If you need tighter trucks then we recommend using harder bushings.