Carver 6.5
Carver 6.5
Carver 6.5
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Carver 6.5" CX & C2 Surf Skateboard Truck Kit - Raw inc risers and hardware

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Turn your favourite skateboard deck in to a total street surfer! Looking to surf the streets, pumping along riding the endless concrete wave? Pair these Carver CX.4 trucks with any skateboard deck (standard mounting holes) and create your own street surfing pocket rocket, this is the full Carver Surf Skateboard conversion kit you need!

Why choose these?

The CX.4 front truck will give you very snappy turns and fast pumping abilities. If you want stability and like the fast tight technical turns you get from a Thruster Surfboard or want to take it to the skatepark to ride transition, boost airs and ride fakie, this one is for you!

The Carver CX.4 Truck Set comes as a matched set with the Carver C2 6.25 rear truck. These are the same trucks fitted to the Carver CX.4 completes.

Features & Spec:

  • Front Truck: CX.4 - 6.25” hanger - 9” Axle - 3.25” Height
  • Rear Truck: C2 - 6.25” hanger - 9” Axle - 3.25” Height
  • 2 x Front truck risers - 1/4”
  • 2 x Rear truck risers - 1/4”
  • 8 x Allen Head Mounting Bolts - 1.5”