Why does my new skateboard turn by itself?!

by Skate Warehouse on January 03, 2023

This is a common question, all skateboards will do this to a varying degree and it is easily rectified.

Until the board has been ridden a few times, you may notice the board will turn to one side without you riding on it. But, don’t worry, this is common and easy to fix.

All that is happening is the new bushings in your trucks haven’t been worn in yet and need bedding in.

The bushings are the 2 rubbers in each truck (they’re actually made of urethane not rubber!), they sit it the metal trucks and allow the truck to pivot as the rider leans on each edge of the board.

When the bushings are new, they can get a little stuck and need help to re-seat. All you have to do is stand on the opposite edge of the board and apply weight to correct the lean, you may have to do this for your child if they are not quite heavy enough.

As you ride the board and steer it left and right you will bed-in the bushings and naturally correct the truck lean. Once the board has been ridden more and the truck bushings have bedded-in, it should be easier to self-correct.

If the rider is having trouble turning the board or correcting the lean, by leaning on either edge while riding, then they may not quite be heavy enough for the bushings. You can try loosening the large Kingpin Nuts on each truck by a turn to make it easier to steer.

In some cases, if this isn't enough you can replace the standard bushings with softer bushings to make it easier for lighter riders. Bushings are rated using the Durometer scale, 78a is the soft end of the scale and 99a is the harder end.  You can find softer bushings here...

Please bear in mind that if a rider applies a lot of weight to one side it can still make the trucks stick a little, again, all that is required is pressure on the opposite side to counter the lean. Also note, tightening the trucks via the Kingpin Nut can cause the trucks to stick more noticeably.

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