How to Assemble & Build a Skateboard

by Skate Warehouse on February 17, 2021

So, you've just got your first skateboard kit and you're ready to put it all together but not totally sure what you're doing? Or maybe you just want to double check you've got all the parts right? Check out this guide on how to assemble a skateboard to get you rolling...

It can be pretty daunting looking at all the parts of a disassembled skateboard for the first time, but really, it's a pretty simple job to assemble and after you've done it once you'll soon have the confidence to change parts and help your friends with their boards. Before we start, make sure you have all the parts you need to build your skateboard.

You Need The Following Parts:

  1. Skateboard Deck
  2. Grip Tape (your deck may already have this applied)
  3. Trucks
  4. Truck Bolts
  5. Wheels
  6. Bearings
  7. Skate tool or a selection of spanners
Skateboard Parts

How To Build A Skateboard:

Now that you have all the skateboard parts ready, we can assemble your skateboard. Follow these steps:

  1. Apply the grip tape to the deck. You can watch our Grip Tape Guide here if your deck doesn't come ready gripped. Obviously, you can skip this step if your board is already gripped!
    Apply Grip Tape to your skateboard
  2. Pop the holes through the grip tape for the truck bolts. There are 8 holes drilled on a skateboard to accept the 8 truck bolts that fasten the Trucks to the board. You can use an Allen Key to carefully make the holes.
  3. Insert the 8 truck bolts through the holes in the grip tape and deck. If you have directional bolts then normally you'd place the 2 coloured bolts in the 2 holes closest to the nose of your deck. This makes it easy to tell which way round your skateboard is when out riding.
    Insert truck bolts into deck holes
  4. Attach your trucks and tighten up the nuts on the truck bolts. Don't use power tools to tighten the bolts as this can over tighten causing stress cracks which weaken the deck. Make sure your trucks are the right way round, the big kingpin nuts should be both facing each other towards the middle of the board. Get this wrong and your skateboard will turn in the wrong direction and will perform really badly!
    Attach trucks to deck
  5. Fit the bearings into the wheels. You need 2 bearings per wheel, fitting them snuggly in each side. Any easy way to do this is to place 2 bearings on a truck axle that's facing upwards, now push the wheel over the axle and the bearings until you feel the bearing slide into place. Then simply flip the wheel over and push down again onto the next bearing, repeat for all 4 wheels. Some wheels can be harder to push onto bearings so you might need to push hard!  DO NOT use a hammer or 'bang' bearings into wheels. Skateboard bearings are not designed for side load and the force from a hammer will damage your new bearings.
    Press bearings into wheels
  6. Fit the wheels to the truck axles. Make sure you have a small Speed Ring Washer on each side of the wheel as this will keep the bearings spinning freely. Tighten the axle nuts gradually, constantly check the wheel spins freely but not able to move up and down the axle too much.
    Tighten axle nuts
  7. Congratulations, your Skateboard is now ready to ride!

Watch: How to Assemble a Skateboard

Check out the video we made to help you build your skateboard...

Next Steps

From here, you can fine-tune your setup to get it perfectly dialled to your preference. You can tighten the big nut on the trucks called the Kingpin, this is known as 'tightening your trucks' making the skateboard turn less but much more stable, this is generally recommended for beginners.
Tighten Kingpin nuts to stiffen the ride

Skateboard Kits

Now you've found out how to assemble a skateboard, you're ready to step up and build your own setup. We have a wide selection of skateboard kits to suit every budget and ability level. Check out the Custom Skateboard Kits here...
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