How to apply grip tape to a skateboard deck

by Skate Warehouse on February 17, 2021

Want to know how to apply griptape to a skateboard deck? Applying grip tape to your skateboard deck for the first time can be really challenging! In this 'how to' guide, we will take you through everything you need to know; the right tools, how to get it straight and cut the excess neatly.

Items you will need

  1. Deck & Grip Tape
  2. Sharp knife
  3. Metal file

How to Apply Grip Tape

  1. Peel off Grip Tape backing paper and keep it close by, hold each end of the grip tape and position (sticky side down) above your deck, be careful not to accidentally stick the grip to the board yet.
    Peel backing paper off

  2. Get your fingers holding the grip lined up with the nose and tail of the deck, look down over the grip and line it up with the rails of the deck. Once you are happy the grip tape is lined up above the deck, slowly lower the grip tape on to the deck.
    Line up grip tape above the deck

  3. Starting in the middle of the deck, gently press the grip tape down and work your way to the tips, pressing out air bubbles as you go. Take the backing paper and lay on top of the grip. You can now firmly smooth your hand over the backing paper pressing the grip to the deck.
    Starting from the middle, use the backing paper on top to help smooth out air bubbles

  4. Take the metal file and carefully rub around the edge of the deck to create an outline in the grip tape. This helps bed in the glue to the deck edge and creates a guide to help cut off the excess grip.
    Using a file, rub an outline of the deck in to the grip tape

  5. Take the sharp knife, cut into the excess grip from below not above, run the blade along the rail of the deck towards you using the filled outline as a guide. Go carefully, this is the trickiest part to get smooth and clean so take your time. This is the point where you will require adult supervision or help!
    Using a sharp blade, cut the excess griptape from below, pulling the blade towards you and running against the deck edge

  6. Take your file and run it around the edge of the deck one last time to ensure the grip edge is stuck down.
    Run the file around the edge of the grip one last time to ensure it has been stuck down.

    Pro tip: If you have any air bubbles under the deck you can pop them with a knife and smooth down.


WATCH: How to apply grip tape to a Skateboard Deck

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