ūüé• Drawing Boards Video Premier: Street Art

by Jo Gurney on October 09, 2023

Drawing Boards are a firm favourite here at Skatewarehouse, the UK skateboard brand has been around since the early 00's, their decks feature unique, thoughtful,  hand-drawn artwork from artist Ad McEvoy.

The first Drawing Boards full-lenght video dropped back in 2012, Draw the Line featured their full UK team and filmed in the UK & Europe on a Sony VX. If you missed that one, check it out here...

11 years later, we're well over due for a second full length video release, Street Art will be premiering on November 11th 2023!

This new video features the full team of Evan Johnson, Jak Tonge, Ash Challis, Dean Roberston, Phil Batchelor, Liam Teague, Isaac Miller and Adam Keats with footage from all over the UK and Europe.

Edited by Liam Teague and brought together with animations by Adam McEvoy, this is definitely going to be something that people haven't seen before.

We're stoked for this one!


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