Carver Trucks - C7 vs CX

by Skate Warehouse on April 24, 2018

Choosing the right Carver Truck for you can be a hard decision. The two main Carver Trucks available look very different and offer a different riding experience. In this guide, we will explain these main differences, how the trucks ride and tackle the most common question: which Carver trucks should I buy?



About Carver Trucks

The two main trucks available from Carver are the C7 and the CX trucks. These are the model names for the front trucks, both truck kits come with a Carver C2 rear truck. The secret to the carver trucks unique ride is all in its geometry. The front and rear trucks have differing turning angles, with the front truck having a much larger turning circle than the rear. Over many years and many prototypes, Carver has perfected the exact angle needed to produce the 'pumping, surfing like' abilities that Carver SurfSkates are now famed for. Neil Carver invented the Patented C7 truck first and then released the CX later. Both Carver Trucks measure 9.0" wide with a hanger width of 6.25".

Carver Surf Skate in action


C7 vs CX - How Do Carver Trucks Work?

The first difference between the two Carver trucks is how they look. The CX truck looks more like a traditional skate truck or even a 'reverse kingpin truck' and the C7 has an extended sprung arm that the hanger is attached to. The C7 actually has a wider turning arc than the CX due to the swing arm on the truck. Both trucks can be adjusted to change the turning characteristics of the ride. Explaining how these trucks feel to ride is difficult, as they both emulate the feeling of surfing we'll use surfing as a reference. Both these Carver trucks can be 'pumped' (a quick rocking motion from side to side) to generate speed and forward momentum just like a surfboard. Making a decision on which Carver trucks to choose can be tricky, both are amazing to ride and offer something different, let's take a closer look.

Carver Surf Skate - Pump For Speed


Carver C7 Truck

Carver surfskate C7 Truck
The Carver C7 Truck
Carver C7 Truck

The C7 Carver truck produces a very smooth, loose, flowing ride that is much like a single fin or a retro twin fin surfboard. Think big roundhouse carves, smooth rail to rail turns and flowing 'soul surfing' style. This is the original truck that first captured that real surf feeling on a Carver and still delivers an awesome riding experience today. Pumping down the line on these trucks is effortless and you'll quickly find yourself 'mind surfing' the path ahead! The C7 Carver truck has a swing arm system that compresses a spring hidden in the truck base as you turn. You can tighten this spring via an adjuster nut to make the trucks stiffer and turn less, this can be useful for first-time riders as the C7 can feel 'twitchy' and very loose at first.  

The Carver C7 Truck exploded


Carver CX Truck

Carver surfskate CX TruckCarver surfskate CX Truck
Carver CX Truck

The CX Carver truck allows a fast, tight, progressive ride that feels much more like a modern thruster surfboard. Expect fast turns, snappy cut-backs and confident precision carves! These trucks feel stable and agile which inspires confidence to perform progressive manoeuvres. But don't be put off if you're new to riding Carver as these trucks can often feel more natural to first-timers. The CX truck now in its 4th generation (also referred to as CX.4) has quickly become a firm favourite for many Carver skaters. Just take a look at the videos produced by Carver and you'll see a lot of riders using the CX truck. This truck has a more familiar look and a much simpler design than the C7, with a reverse kingpin set at 90° it allows the hanger to pivot much further than a regular truck. Pumping for speed is easy and riding fast feels more stable than the C7 truck. You can adjust these trucks by tightening the kingpin nut to make them feel stiffer and more stable. If you want to hit the skatepark regularly then the CX will deliver!


The Carver C5 - The Newest Carver Truck

Carver Surfskate C5 Truck
Carver C5 Truck

The Carver C5 is the latest addition to the carver line up. This truck is aimed at skaters who are looking for a progressive Carver CX ride but want that performance and versatility of a regular skate truck when hitting the skatepark. This new truck blends these needs perfectly to produce a really unique ride. It retains that winning CX formula of a 90° reverse kingpin, but now the Kingpin has been inverted plus the hanger width and height have been greatly reduced. This allows the truck to grind ramp coping and rails without hanging up or sticking on the kingpin. The height and width reduction means it can now be used with regular popsicle shaped decks opening up the possibility to perform ollies and flips! All this and you still get the progressive carving, pumping surfing experience. In short, these trucks are made for the skatepark!


Which Carver Truck Should I Buy?

This is one of the most common questions we get from people looking to buy a Carver. To answer this we usually ask you what kind of skater are you and what do you want to get from a Carver? Are you a surfer looking for a ride that will improve your surfing skills out of the water? Do you surf a Longboard or a shortboard and want to reproduce the same style/feel? Are you looking for something different and fun to ride at a skatepark? Understanding where you can ride and what you want to get from a carver will really help figure out the best-suited trucks for you.

Which Carver Truck Should I Buy?


Here is a couple of typical examples:

"I want to practice my surfing manoeuvres when the surf is flat. Usually, I'll surf my longboard and a single-fin board. I love a flowing roundhouse cut-back but I'm never going to be the next Kelly Slater! I skate mellow terrain, shallow bowls and open spaces on a longboard."

We think you might be more suited to the Carver C7 trucks. The flowing turns you get from these trucks will instantly connect with you and you'll feel right at home as if you were on your single-fin surfboard.


"I'm a keen surfer, I ride a shortboard and its all about the manoeuvres for me. I like to push my surfing skills and so a skateboard that helps me do that sounds great! I often visit the local skatepark and like doing snaps on the banks, confidently cruising around and generally surfing the streets."

It sounds like you would suit the CX trucks perfectly. They're super agile and feel planted when carving hard while also allowing you to 'slide the fins out' when you do a snap turn. These trucks inspire confidence and you'll want to push your surfing skills!


We have demo models of both the C7 and CX setups to try at our shop here in Devon. Give us a shout if you'd like to try before you buy!


Which Carver Truck is better, C7 or CX?

The great thing about Carver is that you can't really make a bad decision. Both trucks are amazing to ride and you'll adapt quickly to whichever you choose. Neither is better than the other, just more suited to different styles. If you're not sure which truck to choose and would like some help deciding then please give us a call or drop us a message, we are here to help.

Carver Surf Skate - Carving Street Surfing

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