Bam Margera Re-Issue Decks

If you're a skateboarder from the late 90's / early 00's then chances are that you were a Bam Margera fan, or at very least you would have seen his infamous CKY videos that later spawned the Jackass series. Well, the good news is that Bam is back in 2018!

During the 00's Bam was easily one of the most recognisable and well-known skateboarders in the world and stared in a string of outrageous and hilarious hit TV series including 'Viva la Bam'. His huge personality had a massive influence on exposing skateboarding to the 00's generation, way before 'Fail Army' was even a thing, Bam was out there making 'fail' videos, filming pranks and antics interspersed with skateboarding, he was rock'n'roll & skateboarding combined!

During the height of his popularity, Bam was sponsored by Element Skateboards and had a number of pro decks to his name. He would prove to be one of the most popular riders of all time for Element and still remains their highest selling sponsored rider.

In recent years Bam has battled personal issues and thankfully seems to be back on top and skating again. Recent footage of him riding went viral around the world as everyone welcomed the return of bam, VIVA LA BAM!

Element wanted to celebrate his return and welcome him back to the family by re-issuing his 10 most iconic decks from his carrier. These are super limited editions, already selling fast in the USA and now available in the UK.

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Bam Magera Decks