BRAND | Blunt Scooters

Blunt Scooters, established in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, began by producing aftermarket parts for existing complete options in a young scooter industry. Classic products such as Stripper bar, Smith bar, and candy bars, among others, gained popularity, and teams grew around the world, including in the USA and Europe.

In Australia, naming issues in 2011 led to the introduction of the ENVY Scooters branding in the region. However, Blunt Scooters continues to be a major force in European and UK regions, known for providing innovative, high-quality parts at an affordable price.

Envy/Blunt Scooters is dedicated to pushing the sport forward and supporting riders with a wide range of signature rider products. Continual research and development aim to meet the demands of scooter riders across the globe and provide the best possible scooters and parts in the industry. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, Blunt Scooters' selection of products can meet your needs. Join the Blunt Scooters community today!

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Blunt 120mm x 30mm TRI Bearing Scooter Wheel - Oil Slick / Teal 30mm PU...


Blunt 120mm Gap Core Scooter Wheel - Black / Teal 24mm PU


Blunt 120mm x 30mm TRI Bearing Scooter Wheel - Chrome / Clear 30mm PU


Blunt 120mm Hollow Core Scooter Wheel - Polish / Black 26mm PU