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Surf Skates | YOW

YOW SurfSkates - Your Own Wave

One of the biggest dreams of any surfer is to find an empty and perfect wave. This dream has been becoming more and more difficult to achieve due to the exponential growth of surfing and the super population. With YOW surf skates you can open up the search for that wave to include the land! Surf the streets and perform the same manurers from the water on land, pump down the line generating speed into cut-backs, snaps and hard rail to rail carves. These are all possible with this unique truck system!

The YOW SurfSkate Truck System

Yow have released their third-generation of surfskate systems, YOW System V.4 S4 and YOW System V.4 S5 (From the outside they seem identical. But they perform differently.)

V.4 S4 uses a 4mm spring, with a lighter feel. It’s ideal for surfskaters seeking the sharpest carves and cut-backs they can find, or for surfskaters between 30kg and 50kg.

V.4 S5 makes use of a heavier, 5mm spring. It offers an authentic surfing feeling to surfskaters above 50kg.

Watch YOW Surfskates in action

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