Venom Skateboards Blue Complete Cruiser Skateboard kit - 8.25

Venom Skateboards Blue Complete Cruiser Skateboard kit - 8.25"

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This brand new Venom complete Crusier skateboard comes fully set up and ready to ride!

Build with Venom Thunder Cloud wheels. The larger softer 60mm wheels, and angled riser with giving that smooth cruiser feel. The deck is totally blank, so you have the option to create your own artwork or simply just sticker bomb it!

Venom Skateboard Maintenance Kit FREE with every complete! This kit will keep your board rolling smoother, longer and faster! Includes:

Venom Tool-Multi-tool is all you need to change/adjust everything on your skateboard.

Venom Bearing Lubricant - This 10ml bottle of skate bearing magic will breathe new life into tired bearings while noticeably increasing their speed and smoothness.

Skateboard Griptape Cleaner - Just use it as a pencil rubber and watch the dust just rub off your board! Extend the life of your grip tape.

Full Spec:

Deck: Venom Pro deck 8.25" (Pick your colour above). 100% Canadian maple and cold-pressed to guarantee a long life! (RRP 24.95)

Trucks: Venom Core Skateboard 5.5" Trucks. Ultralight Aluminium truck with a raw finish. High rebound bushing and Venom Logos printed on the baseplate

Wheels: New to the Warehouse, Venom Thunder Cloud V2 wheels are in with a fresh design. We have designed these for anyone that has to skate less than perfect surfaces, they will perform great on any terrain, perfectly suited to the rougher ground where standard skateboard wheels will struggle. If you have to ride over rough tarmac, old concrete or generally gnarly surfaces, then these are the wheels for you! Thanks to their forgiving urethane formula, they are insanely grippy and smooth to ride!. 60mm / 78a Durometer so they're perfect for all-terrain skating! (RRP: 24.95)

Bearings: Venom bearings are back and better than ever! Removable High-Speed Nylon Ball Cages - Dust Proof Frictionless Shields - Lubricated with Low Viscosity Oil, Abec 11 Rated

Hardware: Directional bolts, they are 1.5" tall and come with an allen key so they can be tightened up. There is also a free Venom skateboards sticker included in the pack!

Risers: Venom Angled Risers. Allows for the 60mm Wheels. Reduce wheel bite and give larger wheels more clearance. They can also be used to give your board more height if you prefer to be further from the ground when cruising around, or change the sharpness of your turns.

Build: The board will be built by skaters/staff that know what they are doing, with many years of experience, we know how to build and tune a top-end board!

The board would cost ££'s with separate components, this is a total bargain! We have other colours/sizes of decks/trucks available!

You will not find a better complete for this price anywhere! Check out all the Venom products for the best value/quality on the market!

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