Thrasher Skateboard Magazine - Pablo, Enjoi, Element, SOTY Tour & More! Dec 2021 #497 -

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine - Pablo, Enjoi, Element, SOTY Tour & More! Dec 2021 #497

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Our 40th year has delivered some of the best covers to date, and Dec ’21 is no exception. T-Funk makes history by flying a frontside ollie over the long bench at China Banks. The hits keep hitting on the Contents spread as Roos Zwetsloot becomes the first woman to grind Hollywood 16. Hell yeah. Ronnie Sandoval puts his faith in a pool-ladder railing, flipping an eggplant revert with his My War. Then we head to Oz to see what psycho moves Rowan Davis has in store for his Lunatic Fringe. Getting more coverage outside the States, we get Palace’s Kyle Wilson and Charlie Birch on the line for a VS that asks the hard questions like “Mike Arnold or Casper Brooker?” And for those pining for the simpler times of the early ‘00s, we hop in the time machine to talk Bag of Suck with all the big names from that iconic vid. We go looking for Madars Apse and find him foraging in the forests of Finland, writing soulful meditations on man’s relationship to nature—and also skating with the Element squad. Gone too soon but never forgotten, Pablo Ramirez gets an homage feature from all his GX homies, still ripping The City in his honor. The People I’ve Known fan-favorite feature returns with Andrew Allen. He’s got tales of naked hill bombs, the Old Man wavin’ a gun and more tales of mischief and mayhem. COVID delays kept Mason’s SOTY trip at bay for a bit, but it finally happened and it was well worth the wait. Mason, Ishod, Curren, Louie, Pfan Man, Doobie, Burnout, a Solvenian Cowboy and more make a mess in Munich and Slovenia. All those Apérol Spritz drinks sure did the job. And finally we close out with some playlist essentials for your next session. First in the Zounds we’re talkin’ life after Priest with guitar legend K.K. Downing, then we get into it with Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox and close it out with The Cool Kids. There’s about a 100 more pages of stone-cold ripping that we didn’t even touch, so get out to the finer skateshops and bookstores near you to see all the madness.