Thrasher Skateboard Magazine - Chima, Creature, Free Stickers! & More! Oct 2021 #495 -
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Thrasher Skateboard Magazine - Chima, Creature, Free Stickers! & More! Oct 2021 #495

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Breana Geering raises the roof on the Oct. ’21 cover, with a crooked grind to fakie for the ages. Crack back that front and you’ll get hit with a heavy dose of Kyle Walker going for a marathon boardslide on the Contents spread. Wanna turn your backyard into a DIY paradise? Learn how Canada’s Daniel Nelson made it so with his Driftopia. Then see why Kevin White calls Kallen Matlock “The Spartan” in a hard-hitting Lunatic Fringe. Can’t get enough Breezy? Good thing we got Five Greats from the covergirl herself. For the Frog fans out there: this is your mag! Evan Wasser and Frankie Decker go head to head, dishing on bad jobs, formative figures and favorite skaters. More from the Frog squad—Jesse Alba sits down with Nick Michel to uncover the secret to his creativity and control. Leaving LA behind for a moment, we’ve got The Muscle, Gardner, J-Worth and more Creatures on the East Coast paying a visit to Uncle Freddy and sharing road-trip tips. Make sure you keep up to date with our Heads interviews. This time we’ve got the goods from Polar’s electric-powered Portlander Emile Laurent, followed by Scramble alum Gage Boyle and non-profit organizer/smooth-operator pro skater Dustin Henry. Then it’s time to embrace duality, talkin’ love and hate along with flicks of T-Funk, Gabriel Fortunato, Una, Alexey, Pfan Man and more. Returning to our hit feature, Sieben gets on the line with Tommy G for a Meet Your Heroes you don’t wanna miss—his time at Powell, early days of Deluxe and the EMB craze all get covered. Looking for something a little more high-impact? Chima’s interview will have you shook with how many insane stunts we packed in there, plus he chats fatherhood, getting stuck with an American hospital bill and what makes a meaningful life. Cool off from the carnage with our always-inspiring Zounds from Greta Van Fleet, Death Valley Girls and Spirit of the Beehive. Get your copy now or get left in the dust.