Vans Shop Riot 2018 Gallery - Mount Hawke, Cornwall

After the success at last years UK and European finals, we were back for the 2018 Vans Shop Riot! This year, the venue was Mount Hawke in Truro (local territory!) so Keats and the rest of the team were feeling confident about bringing home some silverware.

Matt Beer - Rock Fakie on Cornwall's narrowest vert wall

Saturday saw 14 shop teams from around the UK battle it out on the street section of Mount Hawk's park. The standard of skating was quickly established as being very high from the likes of Route One's Daryl Dominguez and Black Sheeps Jordan Sharkey, but the boys didn't let it phase them and put down a flawless opening 4 minute run. With Matt Beer supporting on the sidelines, Aaron Jago, Alex Decunha and Adam Keats proceeded to slay the park. Check out Aaron's opening run captured by filmer Matt Hunts iPhone;

The boys ended up convincingly qualifying first and I don't think anyone could argue with the outcome. Sunday saw nine teams through to the semi - finals, and once again, the team was on a mission. Laying down another flawless run, the boys qualified no. 1 heading into the final.

Keats - 50 to switch K in the Semi's

The finals saw Slick Willies, The Black Sheep and Skatewarehouse go head to head in an extended 5 minute jam. Slick Willies came out firing and Niall Gilroy, Josh Man and Liam Court lay down some of the biggest hammers of the weekend.

Slick Willies Niall Gilroy - Tom Penny esque Fs Flip to Flat

Next up was the Black Sheep's Jiri Bulin, Jordan Sharkey and Eddie Belvedere. Having been relatively quiet in the qualifying stages, the Black Sheep turned it on in the finals.

That back foot... Jordan Sharkey - Bs Nose Blunt

With Eddie stomping at flip fs 50 down the hubba in the dying seconds, the crowd and judges must have known that this finals is going to go down to the wire.

Aaron Jago - bs 360 kickflip

The boys once again came out firing in the final. Decunha did every flip trick combo possible, Keats nose blunted the hand rail and feeble front boarded the longest rail in the park and Jago back 3 flipped the drive way with effortless style. Everyone watching knew that it was going to be a super close call. In the last minute Jago started trying bs 540s on the quarter, a trick that would surely seal the deal. With the crowd fully backing him and 3 attempts escaping him the buzzer went. A couple tries later, and boom.... Unfortunately the boys efforts came up 1 point too short to take out the title for a second year in a row and it was The Black Sheep who came out victorious this time. All in all, another crazy weekend and a big shout of to Vans and Mount Hawke for putting on such a rad show.

2018 Winners - The Black Sheep