Vans Shop Riot UK 2017

Vans Shop Riot Winners!

Vans Shop Riot UK leg was hosted at the incredible Rock City Skatepark in Hull this year, for those of you that don't know, we are based in Devon! Find out how it all went down...

After a 6 hour drive to get there and too much banter with the horse mask we finally made it to the park, where everyone was already smashing it! We rocked up with Alex Decunha, Aaron Jago, Toby Moors and myself and jumped straight on the park to get used to it as quick as we could.

Last year's winners Black Sheep were already dropping hammers in practice alongside the massive Skate Pharmacy crew. With 26 teams in total we knew it was going to be a long day. Fortunately Atom Beer were there and the taps were flowing.


26 teams were whittled down to 9 and after coming 2nd at last years Vans Shop Riot in Nottingham I'd be lying if I said we weren't feeling a bit of pressure. We were scheduled in for heat 3 so we got to watch some of the other teams skate and get pumped before getting out on the course ourselves.

The atmosphere was the best, despite everyone being in competition with each other it was just a skatepark full of stoke! The cheers and hi 5s rolled in every time someone was killing it, so that pressure eased and we went out to have fun!

aaron jago fronstide flip vans shop riot Aaron Jago - Fs Flip Photo - Chris Johnson

Somehow by having fun we manage to qualify into the semi finals in 1st place!

Spirits were high so we ventured out to enjoy the free curry and beer with everyone that night and make the most of our experience in Hull!

Day 2 - Semi Finals

Slug awoke with one swollen eye so our day started with a trip to Tesco to try and get his sight back!

We got to the park with an hours practice and found out we were skating 1st! This meant we couldn't let up, we had to set the standard for the semi finals and with Aaron dropping 270 lips every try and Alex flip in and out of everything we managed to hold that top spot right through to the final 3. Alongside last years winners Black Sheep & heavy hitters Rollersnakes. The final was not going to be easy.

Adam Keats - Fs Nosebluntslide - Photo Chris Johnson rock city skatepark Adam Keats - Fs Nosebluntslide - Photo Chris Johnson

Vans Shop Riot Finals

26 teams down to 3. We skated first again, and after I didn't skate my best in the semi finals I knew I'd have to sort it out and up my game for the finals. So we dropped in with 4 minutes on the park. Slug dropped his hammers including a banging Bs 270 lipslide 270 out, Alex smashed an uncountable amount of flip tricks on the Wembley gap and I stopped messing around and stacked up some tricks on the rail/hubba section.
Half way through the final I nearly dropped in on Slug and we had an impromtu team race around the jumpbox section, managing to not put each other off and add that extra element of transition in.

Our time was up, we grabbed some beers and tried to breath again.
Tobias who had been playing hype man / sub all weekend came over and instantly filled us in on what we had all done ha!
When you're skating an event like this all you can focus on is what you do, so despite hearing a bit of Churchill on the mic and a few cheers we each had no idea what we had all done!

Now we wait..

We waited while Rollersnakes team of Joe Hinson, Will Golding and Finley Kirkby smashed out a tonne of tech on the ledge and flip in tricks on the rails, and then for Black Sheep's expected on slaught of full throttle skateboarding with Eddie Belvedere, Rob Smith and Jordan Sharkey.

Everyone killed it throughout the weekend and the event continued with the reputation of one of the best events in the UK skate calendar, but this year we managed to take that top spot and we couldn't be more stoked to have that title and the opportunity to fly out to Milan for the European Finals!

Check out the highlights

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