Thrasher Magazine's King of the Road 2016

3 Teams - 1 Book - 12 Episodes of Mayhem!

Who will be crowned King of the Road?

Deathwish x Enjoi X Creature

Here we have the all killer no filler webisodes so you can keep track of all the gnarliness in once place! Which team has what it takes to clinch the win of the infamous King of the Road.

From ridiculous trick challenges, late flips, shuvs one wheeled mannys and extra trucks, to drinking pee, making out with old chicks and tattooing yourself you know this is something you need to see. We recommend you don't try to watch while eating your lunch

Webisode 1 - Meet the Teams

The first episode sees all three teams gathered at the park for various Team vs Team challenges as well as an opportunity to rip open the challenge book and smash out as many tricks as they can while they're still fresh-legged on day 1!


Webisode 2 - Breaking Bad in Alberquerque

Senior citizens with their middle fingers up, gnarly city challenge gaps and chemical suits. It really is too difficult to explain some of the challenges you will witness in this webisode, the teams are going in hard to try and break ahead of the pack!


Webisode 3 - Handcuffs & Shotguns

That's right, the Creature team head out to the desert to spend some time with UK skateboarding legend Geoff Rowley, turns out he's a big hunting fan. Enjoi smash out their party line involving the whole team. While Deathwish new guy Jamie Foy gets handcuffed to veteran Lizard King, will their relationship survive or will they tear apart, check out Webisode 3 to find out...


Webisode 4 - Tre Flips in high heels and Mannequin hand grinds

A King of the Road classic challenge sees Creature's Chris Russel make out with a look-alike while his teammates battle the Nollie Heel a set while holding hands. Deathwish decide Jon Dickson is the man to pop a tre flip wearing 3inch heels and Jamie Foy hits a double kinker while grabbing the board with a mannequin hand... don't ask