The Berrics: In Transition 2017

2017 sees the return of The Berrics video series In Transition. Now in its 3rd season, it's a skate  contest like no other. 9 pro skaters chosen for their transition skills, are tasked to produce a full video part at only one location of their choice - as long as the terrain is transition!

Anything goes so expect huge airs, creative transfers and technical tricks on super steep concrete. The video parts are released every day and the winner is decided by public vote.

Past winners, Daewon Song and Pedro Barros, have set the bar ridiculously high so we're super hyped to see what this year's crop will produce. As the parts are released we will update this page with the videos so be sure to check back!

The 2017 In Transition Line up

This years skaters are: Kevin Kowalski, Sam Beckett, Ben Nordberg, Charlie Blair, Jack Fardell, Tristan Rennie, Trey Wood, Louie Barletta, Willy Lara and young gun CJ Collins.

As with previous years, each skater releases a 'On Location' video to accompany the full part which gives a great insight into what it took to film their part and the thinking behind it.

Willy Lara

Poindexter Park, Moorpark, California.

Will Lara - on location

Will Lara - full part

CJ Collins

Goodyear park, Goodyear, Arizona.

CJ Collins - on location

CJ Collins - full part

Jack Fardell

Belvedere Park, East Los Angeles, California.

Jack Fardell - on location

Jack Fardell - full part

Trey Wood

Prince Park, Oceanside, California.

Trey Wood - on location

Trey Wood - full part

Tristan Rennie

Fontana North, Fontana, California

Tristan Rennie - on location

Tristan Rennie - full part

Ben Nordberg

Bradley Stoke Skatepark, Bath, England.

Ben Nordberg - on location

Ben Nordberg - full part

Charlie Blair

Independence Park.

Charlie Blair - on location

Charlie Blair - full part

Sam Beckett

Louisville Skatepark, Louisville, Kentucky.

Sam Beckett - on location

Sam Beckett  - full part

Kevin Kowalski

Scott Stamnes Memorial park in Orcas Island, Washington.

Kevin Kowalski - on location

Kevin Kowalski  - full part

Louie Barletta

The Bone Air Ramp, San Jose. (Louie's backyard!)

Louie Barletta - on location

Louie Barletta  - full part