Skatewarehouse x Mount Hawke Game of SKATEpark

We invited 8 skateboarders from across the South West to compete in this Berrics style Game of Skatepark tournament at the incredible Mount Hawke skatepark. It's a game of S.K.A.T.E with a difference...

The First Ever Mount Hawke Game of SKATEpark

The rules are simple

  • Highest Card goes first to set the trick.
  • Skaters then take turns setting their trick.
  • Bail a 'set' trick and you get a letter, first to get 5 letters (S.K.A.T.E) loses.
  • No repeat tricks.
  • Same object cannot be set on twice in a row.
  • Last lett gets two tries
  • The whole skatepark is the playing ground.

Mount Hawke Game of SKATEpark Game Table

The Line Up

Adam Keats - Lakai Adam Keats - Lakai
Nik Aston - Foundation Nik Aston - Foundation
Aaron Jago - Jart Aaron Jago - Jart
Glen Brooks - Prime Glen Brooks - Prime
Harry While - Etnies Harry While - Etnies
Eddie Belvedere - New Balance Eddie Belvedere - New Balance
Chaz Merrywether - Flavour Chaz Merrywether - Flavour
James Callison - Boarding House James Callison - Boarding House

Round One - Adam Keats Vs Nik Aston

During this first game of SKATEpark a few things became clear, tactics are very important!
Bailing is very costly, due to the fact that each skater takes in turns setting you really don't want to be missing your set. You also needed to be setting tricks that your opponent will seriously struggle with, otherwise you're risking losing a set to the other guy, giving him the upper hand.

It was tough in the first game not knowing how the format would pan out. However, it was Keats that managed to out trick Nik as they both shook off the first game legs. It quickly became clear that these guys both have a unique bag of tricks that the other couldn't do, so the key to winning this round would be to stay consistent!

Winner: Adam Keats


Round Two - Aaron Jago Vs Glen Brooks

The second game was lined up to be a big one with Aaron 'Slug' Jago going against one of Plymouth's finest, Glen 'Boody' Brooks.

The game started strong with letters on both sides, but then Slug laid down a couple of difficult tricks that forced Glen to take two letters without attempting! Slug managed to take full advantage and jump into the lead. A determined Glen clawed back a letter before Slug finished him off with his signature Fs 5-0 down the hubba, not a trick you see very often!

Winner: Aaron Jago


Round Three - Harry While Vs Eddie Belvedere

Cornish all terrain slayer Harry While vs Mancunian power house Eddie Belvedere, this was definitely set out to be one of the best head to heads of the event.

After a bit of friendly trash talk Harry picked the high card and set the first trick. Harry instantly got Eddie on a letter due to a slip out down the hubba. Eddie then quickly got back at Harry down the same hubba, it seemed like it was going to be a close finish. But then Eddie took a letter on the last two sets dropping him from letter 'A' to straight out of the competition!

Winner: Harry While


Round Four - Chaz Merrywether Vs James Callison

In the final game of the first round, you will witness one of the most perfect 360 flips ever, followed by a banging switch 360 flip! James rocked up late and didn't get a chance to warm up much, luckily he bought some time by drawing the 4th round against Cornish style master Chaz.

James & Chaz chose to go back to back on the big rail and hubba. Chaz stomped 3 tricks in a row and finish up the game with a unbeatable switch 360 flip over the hip! Two attempts at this trick wouldn't be enough for even the most experienced of skaters and it knocked James out of the comp.

Winner: Chaz Merrywether


Semi Finalists

Aaron Jago - Jart Aaron Jago - Jart
Adam Keats - Lakai Adam Keats - Lakai
Harry While - Etnies Harry While - Etnies
Chaz Merrywether - Flavour Chaz Merrywether - Flavour


Semi Final #1 - Aaron Jago Vs Adam Keats

Semi Final 1 sees Skatewarehouse team mates go head to head! With young gun Aaron Jago drawing the high card he gets to go first. These guys know eachothers weaknesses so it should be a fierce battle to knock the other out as quick as possible. This game was full of surprises as these guys manage to get letter after letter on each other.

Keats pulled his Fs Crook down the hubba, with two tries on the final letter Slug manages to roll away (although it was questionable how crooked the fs crook really was). Either way Slug got a chance to set again and threw down a perfectly executed 360 over the driveway! Keats commits fully but takes a good slam confirming that Aaron will progress to the Final!

Winner: Aaron Jago


Semi Final #2 - Harry While Vs Chaz Merrywether

Kruzee Society brothers, Harry and Chaz, round off the Semi Finals.
These guys skate together all the time so was bound to be a battle.

Harry started strong dropping hammers straight out the gate, unfortunately it looked like the pressure was getting to Chaz, he just couldn't stick the tricks. Even the tricks he went to set, he either landed and slipped or stepped off, giving Harry the upper hand.

Harry managed to get Chaz all the way to letter 'T' without giving up a letter of his own. Chaz needed a miracle, but instead he dropped one hell of a bigflip for the crowd! And that was that, Harry conceded one letter then finished Chaz off with a gap to Smith over the same driveway.

Winner: Harry While


3rd Place Game - Adam Keats Vs Chaz Merrywether

Skateboarding is all about having fun so we figured we'd let these guys battle out for 3rd place. No chance of money just the opportunity to make podium.

It turned out to be one of the closest games of the night! These guys went back and forth all the way to letter 'T' before Chaz managed to secure 3rd place in the first ever Mount Hawke Game of SKATEpark.

Winner: Chaz Merrywether (3rd overall)


Mount Hawke Game of SKATEpark Finalists

Aaron Jago Aaron Jago
Harry While Harry While

FINAL - Aaron Jago Vs Harry While

This is it, the final of the Mount Hawke Game of SKATEpark! Both of these guys have battled through to be in with a chance of taking home the £100 cash prize and they didn't hold back.

After witnessing the previous games they knew what they needed to do to beat each other.
A couple of unbelievable rollaways and rad maneuvers that the night had not yet witnessed meant this game fought all the way to letter 'T' for both skaters. Then a series of failed sets meant it could have been anyone's game...

Let the skating do the talkin'!

And the WINNER is...


Congratulations Harry While! - 1st Place


Harry While!