Fifth Skatepark, Melksham - Skatewarehouse Park Check

New Skatepark in Melksham! 

Skatewarehouse team rider James Threlfall spent his childhood growing up skating a very questionable skate-lite skatepark in his home town, now he finally has the park he's been dreaming of.... Welcome to Fifth Skatepark

James Threlfall - Fs Smith 8" Pool Coping Corner Fifth Skatepark James Threlfall - Fs Smith 8" Pool Coping Corner Fifth Skatepark

Saturday -  Fifth Skatepark

We assembled the team to make the trip to Melksham in order to check out the new park that had come straight from the mind of James and had been constructed by Canvas Skateparks.
With Fifth Skatepark being brand new we had to face the inevitable infestation of scooters everywhere meaning we were confined to skating limited areas of the park with some local rippers on the first day but that didn't hold back anyone from going in and enjoying the session!

Aaron Jago - Backside Nosebluntslide Fifth Skatepark Aaron Jago - Backside Nosebluntslide Fifth Skatepark

Aaron Jago was on a mission stacking clip after clip as he was only around for the first day, still he got it done, dropped some hammers and even had time to shoot this rad Bs Noseblunt pic!
12 year old Tom Keatman made the trip down from Stoke and joined Slug in hammering tricks on the bump to rail including a rad flip fs board!

James Threlfall stepped up and virtually filmed a whole part before lunch, obviously having the home advantage of already putting time in at the park. Smashing huge lines over the unique "multi directional transition centre piece" and getting involved in the street section sessions we had no shortage of top quality Threlfall footy!

James Threlfall - Crossbone Fifth Skatepark James Threlfall - Crossbone Fifth Skatepark

We also had James' young gun pick Woody Mullis-Minshall join us and blow everyone's mind! This kid has been skating for just over 2 years and is popping fs blunt kickflips while looking more comfortable than Homer Simpson on a sofa! One to watch for sure!!

Sunday - Fifth Skatepark

Sunday saw half the team get to the Fifth Skatepark at 8.30am in order to get the crucial empty park shots and a quick park preview for Canvas. With surprisingly good weather the machine that is Alex Decunha got to work stacking some unreal clips with some very questionable griptape. Already putting on a show for the locals before Keats had finished his nap in the van.

Adam Keats - Staple Fs Nosebluntslide Fifth Skatepark Adam Keats - Staple Fs Nosebluntslide Fifth Skatepark

Local skatewarehouse homie Ben Borrill joined for the last few hours and gave the boys a boost to skate right until the end as well as smashing a perfect 360 flip down the stairs.
After a bit of a late night Keats woke up and managed to get a good hour filming with Pete before time was up and ended the session shooting this noseblunt on the big section.

All in all Fifth Skatepark is rad! A lot of unique elements that make it a well rounded park with everything you need, think Street League meets Vans Park Series. Definitely worth a visit!!

Big up Peter Pickford for all photos and this incredible edit.. Check it out!!