Sidewalk Store Wars 2016 - FINAL VIDEO!

[UPDATE: We Won!] Our final entry for the Sidewalk Store Wars has now been released! Following on from our viral Tarp Surfing Video for round 1, that saw over 1 million views and secured our place in the finals! This time we wanted to do something a bit different with the £1500 budget...


We Won!!!! Massive thanks to everyone that took part in our video and to everyone that watched & shared it, without you none of this would have happened!


The big idea

From the outset we knew we wanted to do something big, something unique. Plenty of ideas where thrown about over several days, "parachuting skaters", "day-in-the-life", "trip to europe"...

But we soon realised that these were all fairly selfish ideas, sure we could make an amazing video that would have a wow factor but it would be forgotten after 3 mins.

We wanted to do something that would have a lasting effect, something bigger than ourselves something that would have a lasting positive effect on people.

We believe in the skate community, that we all share the buzz of skating, we love that you can go pretty much anywhere in the world and have an instant bond with random skaters you meet!

We all have so much in common but we don't always look out for eachother. Being a part of a community means you share the good times but also the bad times, supporting fellow skaters is part of this.

This budget could really make a huge difference to skaters in the UK, so we hatched a plan to blow it on product and then give it away to the people who need it the most!

Finding the right people

We reached out to the UK skate community through social media and asked people to secretly message us about friends or family that were going through hard times and needed a boost.

The responses we got were really humbling, so many moving stories from around the country, we knew we had to help make a difference how ever small. Once we figured out what product to give to whom we loaded the van and hit the road.

Reaching out on social to find skaters that need a boost Reaching out on social to find skaters that need a boost

Watch the final video

Check the video below to see how we got on, did you spot anyone you know? The overall Store Wars winner is the video with the most views, so please give it a watch and share on social!

What next?

Well if we win Store Wars we're hoping to take this idea further with the prize money, we could make this a regular thing and make a bigger difference to skaters and kids up and down the country. Who knows, we could help someone you know in your community?