Lola T

When were you born?

When did you start skating?
When I was 7yrs old

What stance are you?

Who are your sponsors?
Skatewarehouse & Junk Yard Skatepark.

What skateboard setup do you ride?
At the moment it’s TR7 deck 7.5, independent trucks, Spitfire wheels.

Do you have a favourite video part?
Sam Pulley's section on Pixels, he carves with so much style, also Lizzie Armarto's section on Birdhouse's Saturday Night.

What do you do when not skating?
School / Family Time / Snowboarding and Sleeping!

Do you have any favourite skateboard brands?
Yeah I like Flip Skateboards, independent because I like there trucks, Death Skateboards are cool I like their skull graphic, and obviously, Skatewarehouse are the bestest!

Who are your favourite skateboarders?
Matt Beer (defo!) he’s got good style and good tricks and Tony Honk, lol, is my favourite as a famous skateboarder because I hope I can do a 900 like him one day. Lizzie Armanto is really awesome, and also Sam Pulley because he rides the bowls real good, and gives me cool ideas!

Whats your favourite skateboard trick?
I’ve got lots of favourite tricks but the ones that give me the biggest buzz are my 360’s, hand-plants and wallrides, I prefer transition and Bowl when it comes to skating, I need more practice on street lol!


Little bowl sesh after a rad day Snowboarding ????

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