Jaws & The Birdhouse Team Skate Bristol - Gallery

Last night we headed up to Bristol to witness the sickness of big US skate brand Birdhouse unleash their skate team. Check out what happened when Jaws, Shawn Hale, & Ryan Price let loose at Lloyds and Dean Lane.

The Birdhouse Skate Team has been to the UK before on the 'Birdhouse European Vacation Tour' in 2015 but this was their first trip to Bristol.

A 'best trick' jam at the famous Lloyds 3 block steps went down well with the Bristol crowd. Jaws nailed a hardflip making the formidable drop look easy, let's be honest it probably was for him!

Then followed a mass exodus to the cities oldest concrete skatepark, Dean Lane. What more could you want for a sunny evening in May? A big thanks to Shiner for putting this on!

All photos by Peter Pickford | Instagram: @peterpickford

Big thanks to Birdhouse and Shiner for putting this on. A great way to kick off the 2018 skateboard tour season!

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