Jart Skateboards UK Tour - Mount Hawke Demo

The Jart Skateboards Team came to the UK and shut down the newly refurbished Mount Hawke Skatepark! Heavy tricks and technical bangers were dropped on the fresh wood down in Cornwall. We're not sure why the Jart team decided on a UK tour as this meant leaving sunny Spain to head over to England for a week in rainy June! But we were stoked they did as we got to host the final stop on the Jart UK Tour.

Jart team hits England

They stopped off at all the usual UK spots; London, Manchester, Bristol before heading all the way down to Devon to visit us at Skatewarehouse.
The UK tour consisted of their pro team; Mark Frolich, Adrien Bulard, Carlos Zarazua, Carlos Neira, Cian Eades, Fernan Origel and Skatewarehouse's very own team rider Alex Decunha! After a meet & greet at our shop (and a well needed WiFi pick-me-up!) the Jart team signed a couple of boards, tried out the balance board and we started on our journey down to the newly refurbished Mount Hawke Skatepark.


Jart Team visits the shop Jart Team visits the shop


The Mount Hawke Demo

The Ping-Pong table was the first stop for the team before they warmed up and got familiar with the new park. With a load of local rippers from Devon and Cornwall turning up to the park, it wasn't hard to build an atmosphere before kicking off the Jart Team Demo.

Mount Hawke Mount Hawke's new layout for summer 2016


Unfortunately, the team were understandably suffering a little with injuries at the end of the UK Tour. Fernan Origel & Carlos Zarazua took it easy while Mark Frolich, Cian Eades, Carlos Neira, Adrien Bulard and the crowd favourite Alex Decunha took over the new Mount Hawke skatepark and held the attention of everyone watching by dropping NBD after NBD on the new park!

"Triple kickflip bs 360?" Yeah, that's what we thought!
If you don't believe me, just check the footage!

Watch the demo highlights


Big thanks to the Jart Team and Mount Hawke for helping to put on one hell of a mid-week show. And, of course, a big thanks to everyone who made it down on a school night, the South West skate scene is alive and well!


Mount Hawke locals hyped to skate with the Jart Team! Mount Hawke locals hyped to skate with the Jart Team!


IMG_4628Win a Signed Jart Deck!

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