Girl Films & Chocolate Cinema Celebrate 25 years

Its been 25 years since Girl Skateboards started filming for their first skate video Goldfish, fast-forward to 2018 and 16 skate iconic films later, Girl & Chocolate are still going strong! To celebrate this milestone Girl & Chocolate have released a special Cinema Collection of products!

If you're too young to remember most of the Girl & Chocolate skate videos, its worth getting up to speed, luckily you can now watch every release on their website for free, watch here...

We have selected 2 of our favourite films for you...

 Yeah Right - Girl Skateboards - 2003

Yeah Right, the iconic skateboarding video from Girl Skateboards first released in 2003, is often regarded as one of the most influential skate films of all time, certainly for the naughties generation.

Directed by Ty Evans and Spike Jonze, Yeah Right! reset the standard for high-end skate videos for years to come. For example, the intro was one of the first films to capture skateboarding in ultra-slow motion and the use of high-quality special effects hadn't really been seen in skate videos before.

Yeah Right! featured the 'Invisible Board' skit, using green screen technology to digitally remove the skateboards making the skaters appear to 'float' on screen.



Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Skateboards - 2004

Hot Chocolate is a documentary-style tour video that follows the Chocolate team as they travelled around the US, skating streets, demos, and filming skits. The team is also interviewed before the trip for a sense of anticipation, and after to reflect on the good times had.


The Cinema Collection

The collection features skateboard decks, completes and clothes to mark the anniversary. Some of the highlights are the all green complete as seen in Yeah Right! Now you can re-create that iconic scene from the film where the skateboards have been digitally removed!

The decks are special too, check out those iconic film title logos!

Check out the collection here...