Dew Store Wars 2016 - Watch our entries

We have entered this years Mountain Dew Store Wars! Hosted by Sidewalk magazine, UK skateshops battle it out to see who can produce the best 6 videos.

Sidewalk Magazine post the videos every day on their Facebook page and the winner is then picked on the most video views. Below are our 2016 Store Wars entries, check back every day this week to see the new release:

Watch our Dew Store Wars entries

Video 1

Alex DeCunha splits into 4 and swarms buszy in MK!

Video 2

Aaron 'Slug' Jago enters Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and unlocks the hidden level!

Video 3

Adam Keats keeping his local skatepark lit while off duty!

Video 4

The app every skater wishes they had! Kickstarter campaign coming soon!

Video 5

Tarp Surfing!