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Check out our 'how to' guides and learn everything you need to know about skateboarding, from setting up your board to nailing tricks!

  • Buying your First Skateboard - A Beginners Guide

    Welcome to our beginners guide to buying your First Skateboard, we'll answer the most common questions and help you decide on the right board for you.

    Here at Skatewarehouse, we offer a huge range of skateboards, different brands, shapes, sizes, for different ages and abilities, to be honest, it's a little daunting at first!

    This buyers guide will make it easy so you can make the right decision when buying your first skateboard.

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  • How to Assemble a Skateboard

    So, you've just got your first skateboard kit and you're ready to put it all together but not totally sure what you're doing? Or maybe you just want to double check you've got all the parts right? Check out this guide on how to assemble a skateboard to get you rolling...

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  • Carver Trucks - C7 vs CX

    Choosing the right Carver Truck for you can be a hard decision. The two main Carver Trucks available look very different and offer a different riding experience. In this guide, we will explain these main differences, how the trucks ride and tackle the most common question: which Carver trucks should I buy?

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  • Truck Size Guide

    Choosing the right skateboard truck size can make a big difference to your skateboard setup, but understanding the different skateboard truck sizes and measurements can be very confusing, especially if you are new to skateboarding. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about choosing new skateboard trucks, from understanding measurements to knowing how each truck brand differs, so you can make the right choice for your next pair of trucks.

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  • High vs Low Trucks

    There are plenty of factors to consider when buying new skateboard trucks, width is the first thing to decide but what about Truck Height? But which is best, high or low? Lets take a look at the options and help you make the right choice.

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  • How to ride a Carver Surfskate

    Carver surfskates are super fun boards to ride, they can be tricky at first but after a couple of goes you'll quickly progress and will be carving up the streets in no time! Read our top tips to help progress from beginner to advanced surfskater...

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  • How to apply griptape to a skateboard deck

    Want to know how to apply griptape to a skateboard deck? Applying griptape to your skateboard deck for the first time can be really challenging! In this 'how to' guide, we will take you through everything you need to know; the right tools, how to get it straight and cut the excess neatly.

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