Barcelona European Open with Skatewarehouse

During the hottest week of the year we decided to fly out to Barcelona with team riders Adam Keats, Aaron Jago & Alex Decunha to skate the Barcelona European Open Skateboard contest.
Sweat, sunburn & skateboarding madness..

Beo BCN Madness!


Aaron Jago Frontside Flip - Peter Pickford jart skateboards Barcelona European Open Aaron Jago Frontside Flip - Peter Pickford

BEO brought skateboarders from all over the globe to the skateboarding capital Barcelona this weekend for 3 days of intense heat and incredible skateboarding. Egor Kaldikov flew from Russia, a whole crew of guys made the trip from Brazil as well as an onslaught of Spanish locals including a handful of the Jart Skateboards team!

A cash for tricks jam kick started the weekend down the infamous Macba 3 block
Macba local Kristian Kamiserov took home a large bundle of cash for throwing down endless hammers, alongside Mattias Torres with the cleanest inward heel, Egor Kaldikov and his signature tricks and of course our very own Alex Decunha dropping his crowd pleasers earning him a few Euros. Take a look at our highlights.


Day 2 - Beo Skatepark Check & Practice

With only 2 beds for Adam & Alex, at the riders hotel the first night was spent in a hot sweaty room cramped up with Pete sleeping under a bed and Aaron & Alex spooning a single.
However everyone awoke keen and ''fresh'' to go check out the park and have a good skate!

We made our way to the park shortly before lunch to find out we wouldn't be able to skate until 3... so we explored the area and soaked up some sun down at Forum Skatepark where the floor was like lava!


3pm came round and we rocked up to the BEO course, it was hugely street orientated so the guys were stoked and were instantly itching to get on it. As with all comps like this, practice is always mayhem, lines crossing over and guys jumping down stairs onto each other but we got into the flow and started getting comfy! Barcelona European Open here we come!

Adam Keats Fs Nosebluntslide Barcelona European Open Adam Keats Fs Nosebluntslide


Warming up wasn't a problem, it was staying cool that was difficult. Luckily water was at hand and shade could be found in the stands, while taking a break we decided to jump on facebook and shoot a LIVE course check to give a more in depth look at the park and chat to the guys about how they're feeling about the comp.With the LIVE video shot and Insta Story posted we decided to cruise off in search of food and decide whether the legs could handle a trip to the Street League park in Badalona.
They couldn't. Being English and unable to handle such heat we traded in an evening skate for a crate of cerveza and a trip to the Sonar festival for Slug's birthday!

Day 3 - Qualifiers - Semi Finals &  a dip in the sea

Euro breakfast kicked off at 8am, usually a struggle to get up at this time but with Adrein Bulard's snores echoing through our room it was easy to roll out of bed and down the hall for a ham sandwich and dodgy omlette type square.

By midday the park was in full flow and practice was underway. 60 skaters in total with just 24 qualifying through into the semi finals later that day. It was on! Barcelona European Open in full effect.

3 Skaters - 3 Minutes

Alex was the first of our team to skate in heat 4 and he smashed it! Pulling out his classic crowd pleasers as well as his ridiculous tech selection including Bs Board Kickflip & Benihana down the stairs! We were all pretty confident Alex's run would hold out for the semis.

Slug Aaron Jago was up next in heat 7, and started strong with a perfect minute intro of bangers. [See instagram!] He slipped a little in the middle but managed to pull it back with some unseen tranny moves and heavy hitters down the stairs!

Final rider Adam Keats was set to skate in heat 9, Keats kicked it off straight away with a fs feeble down the handrail and managed to get in a full cab fs board and feeble back lip during his jam.

With all 3 riders having strong heats we now had the chance to watch the other guys skate and relax in the sunshine before finding out if anyone qualified into the semis.

Egor Kaldikov Fakie Flip Barcelona European Open Egor Kaldikov Fakie Flip


Semi Finals of the Barcelona European Open were kicking off at 7pm, which sounds late but in Barcelona it is the perfect time for a competition. Less heat, bigger crowds!
We were stoked to see Alex had made it into the top 10 qualifying in 7th, with Slug not far behind in 13th place. Surprise to all of us that Keats had not managed to make it into the semis after putting in a solid run, however he wasn't too bummed as he now got to kick back relax and watch skateboarding in the sun, beer in hand!

Barcelona European Open Slug & Alex getting ready for the semi finals


Aaron stepped his game up and put together a near perfect intro run just missing a staple back 3 as a finisher! Then followed up with a huge variety of tech and transitional tricks including bs360 fakie air and managing to clinch a bigger flip front board on the bump to bar!
We were stoked to see Slug holding his own out there against some of the biggest European competition skaters.

Alex managed to bring out some new tricks for the semis, fs tail biggie down the handrail was a favourite alongside his classic comp staples. Exhausted after the 4 mins in the sun he wasn't so confident it was enough to make finals!

As we had wandered off to jump in the sea we hadn't heard them call the results out, Aaron called us over to say someone had commented that they were surprised Alex & Aaron hadn't made finals... that's how we found out. Kind of like getting dumped via text.

We were surprised but stoke levels were still high. We were out in Barcelona, in the sun with free tickets to watch some of the gnarliest street skaters compete for the top spot including Gustavo Ribeiro, Egor Kaldikov, Jorge Simoes, Adrien Bulard & more...



Day 4 - Barcelona European Open Finals

Unknown Bennett Grind Barcelona European Open Unknown Bennett Grind

The finals saw 8 guys battle it out for their chance of winning 5000 Euros!
The favourite being Jart's newest Am Gustavo Ribeiro, who killed in consistently through practice and qualifiers. Brazil's Joao Lucas & Russia's Egor Kaldikov were not going to make it easy though!

As finals got underway the standard of skateboarding seemed to have taken steroids over night as we were seeing hardflip fs boards, switch flip back lips and even switch hardflip bs lip.... all first try! Can you believe it, the boys were a little releaved to be watching rather than competing at this point
The format was 2 x 1 minute runs & 5 Best Trick attempts.
Gustavo put down a flawless run straight away and made it clear that he meant business!
It was the best tricks that really got the crowd going, with Adriend Bulard deciding to kickflip out the park into the crowd!
The best way to experience the madness is to check out the highlights of the Barcelona European Open finals down below!!!

1st Gustavo Ribeiro
2nd Egor Kaldikov
3rd Joao Lucas

What a weekend! Take a look at our FULL EDIT from the BEO BCN weekend right here!!