Alex Decunha - Jart Skateboards Barcelona Edit

Earlier on this Autumn, Alex Decunha and some of the other Skatewarehouse team headed out to Barcelona to skate with the Jart team and film Alex's first solo part.

I case you didn't already know , Alex Decunha is a machine!! Hitting up all of the famous Barca spots such as Macba, Forum, the new Parallel as well as some new discoveries, Alex stacked heavy clips where ever we went, and definitely proved himself as one of the top UK guys this year. Enjoy!

Photos & Videos by Peter Pickford


Gap to Fs 50 - Fondo Gap to Fs 50 - Fondo

On one of the days we met up with the Jart team and cruised around in their team van to check out some of their favourite spots. Joan Galceran was fresh off the back of his AM welcome part.

Joan Kickflip fakie Joan Galceran - Kickflip fakie
Joan Galceran - Bs Blunt Joan Galceran - Bs Blunt

Skate Agora

It was the first time any of us had skated the newish Skate Agora Street League Park. The session was short lived due to rain, but we still managed to get a couple of clips.

Alex FS Flip at the Hostel Minicamp Alex FS Flip at the Hostel mini ramp

Forum 13 Stair
Aaron Jago got unlucky with this 13 stair 5050 which would have been a make if Spanish security weren't quiet as beefy.


James Threlfall - Transfer James Threlfall - Transfer
Fun Times at Macba MACBA