Adam Keats

We spend a few minutes chatting to our longest serving rider, Mr Adam Keats. Here is a little insight into his life, be sure to check his vids below...

DOB? 15/09/1991

Stance? Goofy

Sponsors? Drawing Boards, Lakai, Crupie Wheels, Vonzipper, Grizzly Griptape Theeve Trucks, Skatewarehouse

How long have you been skating? Started at 15 years old

Favourite music to skate to? Not Slug's music

What do you do when you're not skating? Fight fires

Favourite place you've visited through Skateboarding? Prague! Need to go back for sure

Favourite skateboarders to watch? Carlos Ribeiro, Miles Silvas... and Slug & Decunha

Favourite board graphic? Real - Temple

Favourite trick? Fronstide Crooks.

Most stoked moment in skateboarding? Winning Vans Shop Riot with the boys!

Shout outs / thank yous? Family, friends, everyone that skates and sticks at it! Ad at Drawing Boards, Smithy at Form, Louis at Rock Solid, Robyn, Bones and everyone else that gets hyped on skateboarding

Follow Keatsy on Instagram - @keatsy09