How Aaron Jago Won the Mountain Dew NASS AM

2016 saw the first year of the Mountain Dew Am comp where the winner would get a wildcard into the pro comp and an all expenses paid trip to the Amsterdam Open

Check out the highlights below with team riders Tobais Moors, Ben Boril and Aaron Jago

A few words with Aaron Jago


So Aaron, first year competing at NASS and you took the AM top spot! Tell us about your winning run and how you thought you had done?

Yeah it was fun! I was really nervous, but once the jam started, I got well into it and super happy about the result! I thought it went quite well, but wasn't expecting anywhere near 1st at all so that was amazing!

So you now get a trip out to Amsterdam with Mountain Dew, you must be pretty stoked on that?

Yeah it's unbelievable I've wanted to go to Amsterdam for ages and being able to go and compete will be rad, so grateful for the opportunity!

FinalAaronfs50-6877So after winning the AM comp on Friday you got a wildcard into the Pro Qualifying on the Saturday which you subsequently qualified for the Finals on Sunday. Was that a surprise to do so well?  

Yeah I was having a weird one skating on Saturday, it wasn't really working out and I was shocked I got through to the final as everyone was skating so good, but yeah was definitely a pleasant surprise!


Do you think you'll be entering more Pro comps around the country, now that you've found your feet competing on the big stage?

I really enjoyed it and if I get the chance to again, yeah for sure!

We'll be following Aaron's trip to Amsterdam compete at the Dew Tour in August!