Aimy is oneof our newest team members, so welcome to the team! Aimy is currently filming a new section, so we're looking forward to that!

Aimy BradyDOB? 18th September 1995

Stance? Regular

Sponsors? Skate warehouse, I-five distribution

Current set up? blind deck (8.125) independent truck, bones red bearings and super toxic urethane wheels

How long have you been skating? Three and a half years

Favourite music to skate to? Rise Against

What do you do when not skating? College, photography and work

Favourite snack? Erm, Wispa Gold

Favourite board graphic? I always love Enjoi deck graphics

Favourite uk skateboarder? Geoff Rowley

Favourite video part? Almost cheese and crackers

Favourite Trick? Backside flip

Shout outs/thank yous? A thank you to my mum for buying me my first board


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