We spend a few minutes chatting to our longest serving rider, Mr Adam Keats. Here is a little insight into his life, be sure to check his vids below...


DOB? 15/09/1991Adam Keats

Stance? Goofy

Sponsors? Drawing Boards, Theeve UK, Wreck Wheels, Animal UK, Skatewarehouse

Current set up? Drawing Boards Draw the Line deck, Theeve Tiax trucks, Wreck wheels 53mm, venom bearings and hardware.

How long have you been skating? Since i was 15

Favourite music to skate to? Anything chilled with a positive vibe

What do you do when you're not skating? Fight fires and save lives.

Favourite snack? Chicken Wrap

Favourite board graphic? Drawing Boards - The best things in life arent things graphic is rad!

Favourite UK skateboarder? Kris Vile, kills it.

Favourite trick? Nollie Fs boards and fs crooks. feel good tricks.

Shout outs / thank yous? Family, friends, everyone that skates and sticks at it! Ad at Drawing Boards, everyone at Animal, Chet thomas, Big Will, Gurney & everyone else!

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