Footprint Insoles

Footprint insoles are the next big step in the progression of skateboarding. Having the ability to jump down bigger stairs, hit bigger rails without the unbearable burden of heel bruise or having to give up because your legs can't take it anymore.

With their signature military grade nanotechnology foam you will feel comfier than ever on a skateboard and will no longer get that sore feeling after skating a couple of hours. It reacts like memory foam so doesn't flatten after repeated heavy impacts and will also help keep your joints inline to prevent acute injuries like torn acl or sprained ligaments

Footprint created the popular Gamechanger and the Kingfoam Orthopaedics technology and now they've started the Painkiller line which features socks and insert pads which are designed to take shock and pain out of shinners and heavy bails. Go big? Get Footprint!